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Linda wrote, 12/21/00,

  Dear Dr. Baughman,
  I agree, All these moms & dads call me up crying and upset about their drugged
  loved one and nothing is done about it.  It goes on and on, you know.  I hate
  the psychiatric system and just today two young boys about 14 came to my door
  wanting to make money picking up leaves.  They are twins and one of them (Josh)
  was on Ritalin and is so small compared to his brother Chris.  I could not
  believe my eyes!
  The parents must be brain dead to let them stunt the growth of this young

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
And yet in articles in psychiatric journals, researchers still deny the
conspicuous, frequent growth retardation (height, weight and brain size as
measured on MRI brain scan) seen with Ritalin/amphetamine treatment. In some
cases it is so severe that the children are taken to clinics for growth
retardation and are considered for treatment with growth hormone. In that all
brains scan studies of ADHD children have utilized subjects on such medication,
it can only be concluded that the on-average 10% brain atrophy seen in ADHD
subjects, but not control subjects, is due to the medications virtually all
were on.]

  We must find media somewhere that will listen to us.  It can't be one way,
  drugs, drugs and more drugs!

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