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> DR Baughman
> I am currently watching c-span2 and I must admit I am going through a
> questioning period with add.
> I am the son of a doctor who is a self described add specialist and runs an
> "add clinic."  Also I am the father of an add diagnosed child.  my father has
> put on several informational clinics to public schools and law enforcement
> agencies about add and has diagnosed me with  add and then did the same to my
> son and started both of us on adderall  although I lost 35 pounds and was
> able to clean the whole house (with 2 kids living in it, 4& 5) in 3.5 minutes
> I found my self to be scatterbrained.  My son was no better after several
> months of little interaction with the Dr. he was given a higher dose simply
> due to the 4-5 stories I discussed with my father.  I have had several more
> problems with my add son in the school system and because he was not taking
> the meds at night he was quite normal at home although he is active he was
> not violent or threatening at home.
> After several meetings with my dad and discussing the opportunities of "add
> clinics" we had been discussing an "add roadshow" and bring on new patients.
> then we started talking to pharmaceutical companies that produce add
> medication and suddenly Dr. dad has a new RV that he can do his show with.
> I have taken his add test and was well out of the add range in its results
> still I was scripted adderall. it is now my belief that the "add Clinic" is a
> fraud and is stealing money from the public and insurance companies rasing
> rates and lowering payouts further stealing from the public. He is using a
> computer program from 10 to 15 years ago to test for add and even in his own
> family is ignoring the results to diagnose the disease and get a better "free
> Lunch" from the drug reps and phamasutical companies.
> I feel the moral obligation to stop this but have little recourse to do so.
> Any help you could give is welcomed and my assistance is offered to you and
> you cause.

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