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Mrs. LB wrote:

 Dr. Baughman, I would like to thank you for enlightening me in the use of
 drugs for the treatment of so-called Learning Disabilities.  After watching
 the hearings this morning, I came away with a new understanding of
 something that bothers me greatly.  Your information shed new light on the
 use of medications.

 When my son was in middle school, a teacher suggested that we should have
 him evaluated for ADD/HD.  It seemed to her that he "could not sit still in
 her French class."  At the time we talked to all of his teachers and were
 reassured that "he had no problems in their classrooms."

[Dr. Baughman:
How is this for 'objective' and yet on the basis of this
medical recommendation from a teacher--the practice of medicine
illegally, without a license--you made an appointment for your son to
see a physician, unnecessarily medicalizing his life

 We made an
 appointment with his doctor to talk to him and were told after seeing him,
 "that he seemed to be fine."  They told us then, that if we felt that there
 was a problem they would refer him.  All went well for a few years. While
 he was in high school, a junior, we were approached again.  This time he
 was "diagnosed" and put on vacation use of Ritalin.  All I can say is,
 "Thank God, he no longer takes it."

[Dr. Baughman:
Imagine, 'diagnosed' in high school. They never stop. It
is about taking charge of the life of another human being and that
persons family

 I want to thank you for speaking on this at the hearing.  Your information
 provided far more insight than has been addressed publicly.  Keep up the
 good work.

 Mrs. LB

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