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[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear B*******'s Mom,

calling normal, troubled, troublesome behaviors diseases is the first, essential step to psychologic, psychiatric victimization, that always leading to drugging. You should draw the line here, and not participate in the diagnosing/labeling. Do not let your child be called abnormal. Her verbal ability indicates she is educable and normal. This is preschool, move on, the sooner the better.]

My child (B*******) is a wonderful little four year old girl. She is in preschool , dance , and piano. Preschool is turning out to be a very bad experiance for both me and b*******. The teacher regularly sends home notes about b******* talking in class or refusing to do her work. She scores very well ( A+ ) on verbal test but refuse’s to do busy work. Conserned about the situation I brought her to a psychologist ( one visit so far ). The problem is I have asked the teacher repeatedly if she suspect ADD and she has said no until today. Now she say’s she thinks ADHD. I am worried that b******* is gifted and will be labeled as ADHD when she is not. I know there are many psychologist who are quick to put kids on meds. Is there anyway to make sure that the doctor she is seeing is not that type of doctor before spending more money on another visit? I live in lafayette, Louisiana. You can email me at B********@*******. I would really appreciate any advice you could give me.
I am worried sick that she will misdiagnosed. Thank you for your time.

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