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[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear Isabel, The answers are on In short, ADHD is a fraud
not a disease, Ritalin, short-term and long is poison. You have been lied
to, decieved, it is not your fault, get him off, keep him off. FB]

my child started ritlan at age 4 he is about to turn 6 i've recently
decided to stop the medication because for one i felt guilty and to it
scared me to see him so quiet in fact to quiet and i also started noticing
little ticks i'm still not sure if i did the right thing but his teacher
says that his school work is falling behindand that he can't seem to sit
still please if you let me know if i made the right decision and please let
me know what long term use of ritilan la 20mg can cause,thank you

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