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  My son is 14 years old he is in the gifted and talented classes at
  school.  His major problem is organization not hyperactivity

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
someone convinded you that at 14, not being organized is a "disease."
Anyone saying such a thing is a fraud. He started failing school in 7th
grade and we went to Dr Jim Beard in Greenville SC he is a behavioral MD who
specializes in TX of ADHD kids [Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
It has often occurred to me that I
would hate to have gone to all the trouble of medical school to end up a
specialist in a disease that doesn't exist.]

  We have been on Adderall
  XR 20mg for about 1yr now with great improvement in school! 

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Tons of
people, children and adults, having illusions of betterment, even
omnipotence, on amphetamines, this is one of their great appeals. I took
Dexamyl, methamphetamine, for a time while studying for board exams in 1959
and had just such illusions but performed no better than usual and quit when
the detail man's samples ran out...quit before becoming dependent]

  My major concern is the health risk posed to my son.  I have read and heard
  on TV  the risk of death cardiac related.  My son has developed substernal
  chest pain also at level of esophagus mostly transient, but fairly
  pronounced one night. 

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
if he has never had such pain before the only
safe, reasonable assumption is that it is due to amphetamine for that is all
Adderall is--pure mixed amphetamine salts, and you would be foolish to
continue your son on it or anything like it. Likewise, tics, commencing
after the start of ADHD meds are due to the drugs though ADHD experts will
tell you these too are part of the ADHD, but rembember this, there is no
abnormality on any exam or any test or any make of it a real
disease, it is all a scam, a fraud, the greatest health care fraud ever, in
the USA.]

 He is tall and naturally very thin and now more thin
  since on this medication 

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Growth retardations, diminution of
height, weight and brain size, are all proven to be due to the
Ritalin/amphetamine ADHD drugs. Wake up please, for the sake of your son.
Do you want him to go thru life believing he has a brain disease and cannot
control himself without these drugs. He is on the way. You better believe
that. It will be difficult--the money is too good--but your better find
yourselves a family doctor who will be content being ethical and scientific
and treat only abnormalities/diseases he/she can actually prove

. We are going to the peditrician today 2/26 and to Dr Beard
  tomorrow 2/27.  Do you have any suggestions or questions I can raise with
  the MD.
  Wendy *******

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