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My sons are now age 19 and 20. The schools tried to force me into taking my eldest to a physician to be diagnosed for ADD. At the time, I decided that it was just a “way-out” for schools not to engage the interests of children in their lessons,

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
elicit their attention, the main attention-deficit]

and the lessons were usually boring and standarized to the point of blandness. “Welcome to the Machine”. Also, I did not deem it a legitimate medical disease or disorder

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
and right you are, it is a fraud when represented to be a disease.]

. I ignored them, and it was one of the major reasons I removed my sons from school and entered them into a homeschooling program. It is a shame how our institutionalized our education system has become, and now the system also wants to “institutionalize” our children into square, computer cubes of thought and behavior. How can ADD be a diagnose of today when even the late 1800′s the boy with a dunce cap in the corner was a typical cartoon character? There has always been the school talkative one, the bully, now they just want to drug them so they do not have to deal with the issue of the paucity of real teaching and innovations in our schools.

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