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  I would just like to thank you. Your website makes me feel strong and
determined not to be bullied by my son's school.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear, Putskii, thanks for writing. This is exactly what had hoped
to accomplish, to enlighten and empower parents so that they might
protect their normal children from this heinous victimization. Whenever
a teacher, or any educational or heather professional says to you (any
parent, any child) that they "have" ADHD, the response, with full
confidence should be there is no such disease as ADHD; their is no such
medical condition, disorder, syndrome--my child is NORMAL, and I do want
none of this fraudulent, pseudoscientific, pseudomedical, stigmatizing,
damaging talk about my child.

Stated confidently, cohesively by both parents, this will end the
debate, in most but not all cases. They are in a power-diagnosing-ecstacy
with all of this and are not easily deterred. Some
no doubt will continue to hound, coerce and to threaten with Child
Protective Services and the courts. The only out is to spirit your
still-normal, still-undrugged child to a private or parochial school, or
to home-schooling, for, if you stay and fight the county school system
in county court you cannot possibly win and like millions of American
families already, you may find yourselves labeled medically negligent
and your child, yours, no longer, but a ward of the court, another ADHD
child on the adoption roles of the state, a beautiful, normal child
except for his/her ADHD, and lifelong need for Ritalin.

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