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Fred Baughman wrote:

> Dear W, thanks for writing.  Get tape of c-span program of 9/29/99, 9a.m., hearing on "Behavioral
> Drugs
> in School: Questions and Concerns."  Very exciting.  Write direct to Congressman Robert Schaffer of
> Colorado, he cares and sees thru them. I am going to remove identifiers and put your letter on my web
> site.  Best, FB

> W wrote:
> > I thought that I would fwd this.
> > It seems to me that we are moving in the right direction with the class
> > action cases, however, the educators who advocate this fraud and poison
> > administered to our children should be named in the cases also. I thank
> > god we got our son off of the medication (it was a hard road with the
> > school who tried every tactic imaginable to coerce us) when we did. It
> > seems to also be a determining factor where one lives. Our son use to
> > hate going to school and had poor grades in RI where we use to live, but
> > since we moved to Southern Mississippi he looks forward to school , his
> > grades have improved greatly and his teachers care. They seem to care
> > more about the welfare of the children and understand that children will
> > be children and not have to be pharmacologically controlled to learn.
> >
> > W

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