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 I have another one you might be interested in.  I told the women I would 
 e-mail you with her address.  She said her nephew dieD at 15 from a massive 
 heart attack....he was on ritalin as well.  Her address is B********* 
 The school is trying to force her to medicate her son as well and said that 
 18 out of the 32+ children in her son's room are on you believe 
 I am getting ready for Pataki's meeting this week.  Anything on the rebuttal 
 to the concensus?  Have you found the FOIL paper's Gary Bell gave to you  
 regarding the deaths?
 Well, off to my daughter's birthday party.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Doretta, With ADHD never proven to be an actual disease, the children
anything but normal., this is a pure, heinous, crime. I have e-mailed
the woman about her nephew, promising to try to help the family find an
attorney. The audacity of them, pressing her to drug her son, in all
likelihood knowing of the death of her nephew. 18 of 32 in her son's
room on Ritalin or some such is 56%. People and their elected
officials and judiciary allowing this to go on have taken leave of their

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