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n**** ******** My son who has no history of siezures or health problems was placed on Ritalin in September 2002. On oct. 7, 2002 he suffered a full body siezure lasting one hour and 20 min., non-stop, during which time he ceased breathing requiring him to be intibated and hospitalized in pediatric icu for 7 days. The doctors were never able to tell us what happened or why. They told us it was not his ritalin,

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
His never having had a
siezure previously, and no health problems, it is unlikely that it is
anything other than Ritalin that has caused the siezure. All of the
psychostimulants can cause siezures, even in those never having had them.
They misrepresent the known literature an facts of the matter in saying it
is "not his Ritalin." This likely complication of the Ritalin was an
instance of status epilepticus and was life-threatening. He is at increased
risk of having siezures in the future as a result of this episode. If you
were told that ADHD is an abnormality, brain disease, chemical imbalance of
the brain to get you to accept Ritalin treatment, that is an absolute lie, a
violation of your informed consent rights, and, in most jurisdictions,
medical malpractice.]

  which is the only medication he has
  ever taken. Nevertheless they discontinued it's use even though they said it
  was not to blame. We have kept our son under a watchful eye since this
  incident because we are frightened it will happen again. We strongly believe
  the ritalin was to blame. He appears fine today. We discovered while he was
  hospitalized that he does not metabolize meds to well. We believe the
  ritalin was building up in his system. What is your opinion on this matter?
  Do you think ritalin could have been the culprit? Please send response to

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