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Steve E., a humane, caring school psychologist, wrote on September 11,

"Dear Fred:
I am seeing more children on polypharmacy [Baughman: 'polypharmacy'
refers to several psychiatric drugs at the same time] than ever before. 
I've got one like this:
First diagnosed with PTSD [Baughman: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder],
then parents split, so they are diagnosed with Adjustment Disorder, now
diagnosed with ADHD and Bipolar Disorder.  Don't know what the scoop is
on hypothyroidism but here's his (a 13-year-old) soup:

I've got another one on a four-drug combo that includes Adderal,
Depakote, an anti-psychotic (one of the newer ones) and something else. 
This insanity has got to stop.  Psychiatrists are killing the next

Steve E., School Psychologist (a difficult thing to say during these

Baughman responds:

"Dear Steve,
Present-day 'biological' psychiatry claims that each psychiatric
'disorder' is a disease with a confirmatory physical/chemical
abnormality within the brain (or body, somewhere) of the patient. 
Believing this, and getting patients/parents to believe it, treating the
'chemical imbalance' with a 'chemical balancer' becomes logical and
acceptable. The only problem is: there is no abnormality in the 
child/patient.  No abnormality = normal = no disease.  This being the
case, the 'chemical balancer' has nothing to balance and can only
imbalance, and poison, that which was normal to begin with.  Normal = in
balance = no disease.  And this is exactly what they are doing. 

Not a single one of the psychiatric disorders named in your letter is a
bona fide disease.  A child labeled with any one of them, or two, three
or four, is still normal, although they and their parents are led to
believe otherwise. However, once they begin taking the first prescribed
'chemical balancer', these children sadly are no longer normal.  Taking
two, three, or more, these children are the victims of multiple
poisons.  Neither psychiatrists nor the pharmaceutical industry knows
what permanent damage these drugs do to the brains of these previously
normal children. 

By telling the public that these are diseases to get them to accept
'treatment', psychiatry is universally violating our right to informed
consent. This violation is the lynch-pin of the fraud of 'biological
psychiatry', and a heinous perversion of science and medicine.  That
they drug and multiply-drug normal children is thoroughly criminal. 

Sincerely, Fred"

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