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Dear TE, your son, you, your family and community have been lied to in
the name of 'help' and an education, and abused.  See my comments within
[...].  Send this  to US Congressmen Pete Hoekstra and Robert Schaffer,
with a copy to all of your state's Congresspersons and Senators.
Sincerely yours, Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD.

TE wrote:
> I have totally exausted all hope and faith in the Bellingham School Dist,
> when it comes to educating my son. He is 14 yrs. old and without a school.
> Our last attempt was with options high school. Options is supposed to be an
> alternative for kids who can't make it in the typical mundane classroom
> environmant. My son was diagnosed with adhd in 2nd grade and put on addictave
> narcotics at the advice of the school and his physician.
> My son is a victim, yes, a victim of empowered adults throughout his
> childhood.
> He has been accused of doing things he didn't do. He's been treated like
> a freak by teachers and counsellors because he isn't easy to manage . As
> a result of accusations by authority figures and years of negative
> reenforcement he began behaving very negatively, and getting into trouble.
> I hardly blame him.

[Dr. Baughman:
this is child abuse. It's purpose is to disturb, distress
and upset the child to make appear to validate the ADHD/LD and other
psychiatric diagnoses and to justify their special placement of the
child and their 'treatments'

> He is very smart, able, and willing to learn. He just gets bored
> easily, and becomes disruptive.  His self esteem is at an all time
> low. He, and thousands like him have a right to an education. If
> specialized schools with interesting, hands-on, and captivating
> curriculum aren't available, they should be! This problem is nationwide.
> My son is now a target with the local schools and police. He is a
> great kid. Indirectly, he's been told that he's no good right from
> the start from authority figures. It's no wonder that he doesn't trust
> many people.  If you or the school district can't help, let me
> appropriate his school funds toward a private school of my choice so I
> can get him back to school.
> Thank
> You, TE

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