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[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Mr. K, I checked direct with Eli Lilly and they have no reports of
liver/hepatic side effects and this includes the FDA Medwatch program. It
could still be and probably is, a complication of Strattera especially if
she had no known disease otherwise. Here I emphasize that ADHD is not,
never has been a known physical disease = abnormality ruling this out,
leaving the Strattera exposure (how long?) as the probable causal factor.
If this case and the other like it not previously reported to FDA MedWatch,
they should be, they could be the first and second such cases.

In psychiatry, the point usually missed by the public = patients, is that no
psychiatric condition, entity is known to be an actual disease =abnormality,
and none, therefore can be the source of physical complications,
injury...all such are likely, therefore to be complications of the drug,
regardless of which drug, for all drugs are foreign compounds = poisons.
Share with Rev. Edmunds please. Best, FB]

This is a copy of a letter that I wrote to Rev. Dan Edmunds. He
recommended that I inguire of you.

My name is ******* ****. I am the father of an 11 year old girl that was on
straterra for several months before acquiring 'autoimmune hepatitis'. Since
straterra is metabolized in the liver, I strongly suspect that it is
involved with her new condition. My doctor even mentioned another child with
much the same condition and suspicions.

I have searched many databases looking for at least correlation and to date
have found nothing, but I just have the feeling in my stomach that I am
right about this. My questions for you are few and simple;

Have you heard about this correlation?
Where can I look for more information?

I just feel there is more to it that I just can't find. I know that Lilly
has a vested interest in not letting any empirical data involving straterra
and anything negative. I worry for other children and hope mine is the last
to have to pay the price for racing dangerous drugs to market.

Thanks for your time.

******* ****
Muncie, IN

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