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T. Braun wrote:

What role does sugar, dyes and caffiene have in the child's hyperactivity?
Aren't we really looking at a nutritional based problem?
T. Braun

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
T. Braun,To say that sugar, to much or to little, dyes or caffiene were the cause
of hyperactivity would be to say that hyperactivity, ADD, ADHD was a
disease. There is no proof that the behaviors psychiatry says
consititute ADHD are other than normal behaviors (within the broad
limits of normal) in normal children. Nor does their victimization, by
the millions, in the name of medical help, prove they are other than
normal, at least not until the drugging begins. FB]

T. Braun wrote:

I guess the view is that we are looking at the tail of the bell
curve of behavior and it has been expoited. T. B. RPh

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Exactly! millions upon millions of entirely normal children are called
abnormal/diseased and are "treated." This is no more legitimate than
the Colombian, or Mexican drug cartels; more frightening it is entirely
legal--the federal government is a full partner and an enforcer. FB]

T. Braun wrote:

My second thoughts...Rx mfgrs are creating illness to sell medicine.
Ritalin is Schedule II and if overused during the growth years
interferes with normal growth processes.
I was purchasing director for Rx in early 90's for a major drug
chain. Every year our inventory of Ritalin was depleted in November
because demand out stripped the supply controled by the FDA since it
was a Sch II, and Ciba could not ship anymore until January.  At the
time, I didn't understand what was transpiring.  In a is is
a way out for parents not to parent.
T. Braun RPh.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Braun, NIMH studies
of brain scans (CT, now MRI) show that the brains of those with ADHD are
10% atrophic, they have steadfastly kept from the public through the
duration of these studies (86-02) that virtually all ADHD subjects were
on stimulants, leaving no doubt it is the stimulants;
Ritalin/amphetamines doing this as ADHD has yet to be validated as a
disease; will never be validated as a disease since it is not, never has
been anything objective. Swanson, Castellanos, Hyman, Leshner,
Zametkin, all of them at the NIMH know as well as I do that children
"with" ADHD have no disease, they know as well as I that the
Ritalin/amphetamine they take is the cause of; is causing brain atrophy.
What does that make them? What they do, I assure you, is in no way the
ethical practice of medicine. FB]

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